The story of Amsterdam

Do you want to spice up your canal cruise? Get to know the city upfront.

  • Dancing house

    Dancing house

    These crooked historic houses are an iconic symbol of the city of Amsterdam. The houses "dance" due to the unequal sinking of the wood pylons, or pillars, which the houses rest on. The low side has sunk deeper into the sediment 150 feet underwater beneath the house.

  • Skinny bridge

    Skinny bridge

    Tradition relates that the bridge was built by two sisters, who were supposed to live on opposite sides of the river, to make it easier for them to visit one another. Legend has it couples who kissed passionately crossing the skinny bridge will be in love forever.

  • Carré


    The royal theatre of Amsterdam (1887) located next to the Amstel river, designed by Oscar Carré. At first Carré was built to be a circus theatre. Nowadays the theatre also offers multiple performances like concerts, musicals, comedy shows and many more.

  • Anne Frank House

    Anne Frank House

    The museum located on the Prinsengracht 263 is in memory of Anne Frank and her Jewish family who hid in the secret annex from Nazi persecution during the second world war, where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary. The house was built in 1635 and became a museum in 1960

  • Gay monument

    Gay monument

    Built in 1987 is a memorial for gay men and women near the historic Wester church to inspire and support them in their struggle against denial, oppression and discrimination. IThe first monument in the world to commemorate gays and lesbians who were killed by nazi's.

  • Amstel Church

    Amstel Church

    The church (1668) on the Amstelveld square started as a preachers barn. The intention was to replace the wooden structure with a more permanent building on the Rembrandt square. his never happened due to lack of funding. Nowadays it features a family restaurant Nel.

  • 7 bridges

    7 bridges

    When cruising on the Herengracht looking towards the Reguliersgracht you’ll see 7 identical bridges in one row. A nice view which can only be seen from the water. Especially at night when the bridges are lit up.

  • Mayor's house

    Mayor's house

    The mayor’s house is located on the Herengracht 502. It was built in 1672 and became the mayor’s house in 1927. Our current mayor is Femke Halsema.

  • The narrowest house

    The narrowest house

    The house on the Singel 7 is known as the narrowest house in the world. The house is only one meter wide. Nowadays it is not a house anymore but is now used as a storage.

  • Houseboats


    When the canals were still used for freight transport, living on a house boat was a sign of being poor. In the last century the canals lost their transport function and the old warehouses became residential houses. The oldest houseboat is on the Prinsengracht 1049.

  • Bikes


    Amsterdam has more bikes than residents. 850.000 people are living in Amsterdam, but we have approximately 1.3 million bikes in the city. Every year we fish out of the canals more than 15.000 bikes Bikes are the easiest and cheapest way to travel around.

  • Jordaan


    A typical working-class neighborhood originated in the 17th century. In the 19th century the Jordaan changed into an over populated ghetto. Later in that century the wealthier replaced the old houses for new workers' homes. Jordaan comes from the French word Jardin.

  • Rijksmuseum


    Est. in 1798, is located between the Stadhouderskade and the Museumsquare. The art collection in the Rijksmuseum offers an overview of the Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day with artworks from Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals and others.

  • Van Gogh museum

    Van Gogh museum

    The most visited museum of the Netherlands on the Museumsquare is dedicated to the works of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. It was established in 1962 but the museum opened in 1973. Vincent van Gogh only sold two of his artworks when he was alive.

  • Wester Church

    Wester Church

    The church is located on the Prinsengracht 279-281 on the Westermarkt right behind the gay monument. It was built between 1621 and 1631. Since 2004 the church is part of the protestant church in the Netherlands.

  • Old Church

    Old Church

    The church was built in the second part of the 13th century. This is the oldest still existing building of Amsterdam. It is located on the Oudekerksplein and has prostitution windows right across.

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