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Fun Boat Amsterdam was established in 2018 with a specific goal, to offer canal cruises that make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable development of tourism.
The canals are one of the most popular attractions of Amsterdam and they even belong to the UNESCO world heritage since 2010. Because of the huge popularity of canal cruises, the canals experience a big recreational pressure.
Fun Boat Amsterdam exclusively cruises with 100% electrically driven boats which is less harmful for the environment. Our canal cruises are always private and including a professional skipper/guide who has a lot of knowledge about the city and about the impact of tourism in general.
In our opinion a canal cruise must be FUN  after all. We have a wide range of packages that can be added to your cruise to make it an absolute unforgettable day. Our cruises can be arranged throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. Our boats are all equipped with a luxury detachable roof. 

Something to celebrate? Just a fun day out? Or would you like to impress your company? At Fun Boat Amsterdam it is all possible!
Cruising through the canals, having the best guide through the historic centre while enjoying a nice drink and some snacks and all of that together with your private company.
Our boats can be booked with or without a package. Check out our packages or contact us about the possibilities. 
We offer 24/7 friendly service so do not wait any longer, tell us your wishes and we make sure to arrange it for the best price.

 We can't wait to have you guys on board to give you a FUN and responsible day out!

Hot Deals

Hot Deals

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